Adorable badge reel for any medical employee! You can leave the design plain and let the glitter speak for it self or we can add the design! The scrub is attached to really good working reel. Made from epoxy and resign. The design is also sealed so you never have to worry about the design getting messed up as you work hard!

If you don't see a color you want feel free to message me I am sure I have it! We can also change the saying as well!

Round Nurse Life Badge Reel/Clip

Glitter color
  • -Hand wash only
    -Avoid using abrasive cleaners and sponges
    -Not dishwasher safe
    -Not microwave safe
    -Do not soak
    -Tumblers are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Do not leave in the car for extended periods, or in the freezer.
    -Epoxy can crack or chip if dropped. I cannot be responsible for mishandling.